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At MadGenius Films, we bring your ideas to life through the power of visual storytelling. Be it TV commercials, corporate films, music videos or feature films. If you have an idea, our end to end production capabilities will ensure that they are brought to life in the most novel, interesting and entertaining manner possible. With an in-house team of directors, editors and technicians, we are in a unique position to offer all video-based services under one roof. Even if you're unsure about the narrative of your video, our in-house team of dedicated writers are always there to breathe life into your brief. We hope to venture out into the realm of feature film production in the near future and plan on making telling films that resonate with the global audience.

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MG Animation

The sky's the limit when it comes to the MadGenius Animation Studio! We have a dedicated bunch of animators, illustrators and writers always looking forward to taking on projects that challenge them. Whether it's an explanatory video for your product or service, a larger-than-life music video or an ambitious animated series or film you want to execute, we've got the team to translate your ideas into awe-inspiring animated content.

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MadGenius is a people and we believe in our people immensely which is why we have identified talent management as one of our core functions. We understand that artists approaching us are almost always multi-dimensional with interests in varying creative domain and believe in giving our creators the opportunities to not just enhance and nurture their existing skill sets but also pick up and master new ones as they go along. Talent being the fundamental essence that fuels our mission, naming it Elementals was an easy decision. MadGenius Elementals is our Talent Management wing which currently houses two programmes – ‘MadGenius Academy’ and ‘The Writers' Block’. The Writers' Block, is a place for writers to do the one thing they've always want to do: write. We not only nourish and mentor writers, but also believe in investing in and nurturing their scripts and ideas in order to bring them to life. Our vision for Writers' Block is to become a forever expanding writers room that churns out quality content on a regular basis, a place where inspiration is on call and available aplenty!

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[email protected] is our Marketing Campaign Design Studio that operates under MadGenius BrandWorks, our business design division, dedicated to designing holistic brand experiences. With an in-house team experienced in product marketing and marketing distribution, we believe marketing strategy is the subset of the overarching brand strategy and vision. We weave digital experiences into offline experiences that co-exist in synergy and tailor make campaigns that ensure a coherent brand persona across all consumer touch points. Our areas of expertise include:

  • Brand Experience Design & Optimization
  • Marketing Campaign Design, Launch Strategy & Execution
  • Marketing Strategy & Execution